Business Continuity Management

Business Continuity is a holistic management process that identifies potential threats and impacts and provides a framework for building organisational resilience

Business Continuity Management

Business Continuity is receiving increasing attention world-wide as the frequency of incidents increases within an interdependent world, associated with a need to counter threats to the organisation that could cause a severe impact to business operations

We know that for any programme to be effective, the ongoing management and governance process should be supported by senior management and resourced sufficiently to ensure that the necessary steps are taken to identify the impact of potential losses, maintain viable recovery strategies and plans, and ensure continuity of products/services through thorough training, testing and exercising.

Our core services include:
  • Gap Analysis and organisational reviews
  • Risk workshops
  • Business Continuity Programs
  • Development of organisational BCPs
  • Development of specific Business Continuity Sub Plans including Pandemic
  • Development of Operational Recovery Plans
  • Business Impact Assessments and workshops
  • Business Continuity Strategies
  • Training and testing
  • Ongoing maintenance and management programs
Do you have a strategy for returning to work?

We have developed a roadmap for implementing a structured return to work program that includes:


  • Strategies for who returns to work, when and why
  • Preparations for buildings, offices and facilities considering sterilisation, workplace health and safety laws
  • Consideration for logistics, vehicles and public transport
  • Identify protocols for lone and remote workers
  • Development of new workplace practices and procedures (including social distancing measures and hygiene)
  • Develop risk assessments and align with operations, policies and return to work programs
  • Develop and implement internal and external communications
  • Introduce contamination control procedures
  • Develop new emergency response plans considering new roles and responsibilities
  • Development of crisis management plans

COVID-19 Alert Notices

Over the next few months and until the situation is resolved, we will give you the latest updates regarding the current COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) outbreak. This information is acquired from the World Health Organisation (WHO) and Australian Government information sources. Further updates will be issued as new information becomes available.