Corporate Crisis Risk Solutions

We are the high risk solution experts.  We provide you with real world experience, 24/7 on-call support, relevant plans and procedures supported by practical training.

We believe experience can make a difference

Fatality Management Masterclass

Reacting in the wake of a catastrophic incident

Our Masterclass is designed to help organisations prepare for, respond to, manage and recover post incident

Learn from our experienced  facilitators who have collectively managed hundreds of workplace fatalities and crises across Australia and beyond.

Melbourne Masterclass 21 November 2023

Sydney Masterclass 30 November 2023

Complete Crisis Solutions advises organisations on high-risk strategies and managing uncertainties in hostile and volatile situations.

We provide 24/7 response services, technology platforms and consultancy services throughout Australia and the Pacific, India, Asia and Middle East. With affiliations in America, Canada and the UK, we aim to provide our clients with a complete crisis solution.

Brand and reputation protection through
comprehensive crisis management planning

Crisis management is not something that an organisation does every day. But when an issue, emergency or crisis situation does occur, it is critical that people have the confidence and capability to do and say the right thing under intense pressure.

Our extensive experience in crisis and issues management gives us the expertise required to plan, train and advise on business-critical issues.

Crisis and Issues Management

Crisis and issues management is more than just the right response. Having the people, structure and being prepared is key.

Corporate Security

Complex security environments means organisations need to be agile to effectively protect their people, assets and property.

Emergency and Incident Management

Being prepared is critical to helping every organisation have the resilience to cope with a major disaster or emergency.

Business Continuity Management

Business Continuity is receiving increasing attention world-wide as the frequency of incidents increases within an interdependent world.

Incident Management Software

The most effective and user-friendly system for crisis and incident management.

Crisis Support

Our team is available at any time to provide immediate assistance in the event of a crisis or reputational issue.

Boardroom Series Hypotheticals

Keeping executives focused on high risk scenarios.