From time to time we will provide information, reference material or links to websites and blogs that we think will assist our clients (and potential clients) with information that will help develop or maintain resilience.

Our two current reference items are:

  1. Active Shooter
  2. Next-of-Kin Management after a Workplace Fatality

Active Shooter

The Australian-New Zealand Counter Terrorism Committee has recently released the Active Shooter Guidelines for Places of Mass Gathering.

These guidelines provide a ready reference for any institution, precinct or infrastructure classified as a Place of Mass Gathering (PMG) to develop plans and procedures for active shooter scenarios.

Complete Crisis Solutions can help you develop Active Shooter plans, policy and procedures. We can also help train and test your people to be prepared for an active shooter scenario.

Our team of security experts have state and federal police experience as well as commercial experience in the corporate arena.

Our services include:

  • Risk and vulnerability assessments
  • Active shooter plans and procedures
  • Desktop exercises and hypothetical’s
  • Emergency exercises and drills.

For further information go to the Australian Federal Governments

Managing Next-of-Kin

When responding to a crisis, impacts such as business interruption, insurance implications, ASX restrictions, legal liability, government injunction, community management and the media are dealt with by people who have a great deal of experience and subject matter expertise.  However, history has shown that an organisations ability to deal with families during an emergency or crisis has often been ineffective and inconsistent.

The main cause of this impression has been due to an organisations lack of preparedness to deal with family and friends; this encompasses policy, plans, protocols and infrastructure.

At Complete Crisis Solutions we have the knowledge and experience to help you manage the needs of workers and families during and after a fatality.

Our services:

  • Development of policy, plans and procedures
  • Next of Kin workshops designed to understand your role, the role of the police and coroner
  • Training of executives, HR team members and site management
  • Desktop and hypothetical exercises.