Security Solutions

As with many other areas of business the security function can be
broad ranging and complex.

Security Solutions

The security and protection team of Complete Crisis Solutions delivers high calibre bespoke, intelligence-led physical security and risk mitigation solutions to corporations, NGO’s, executives, high-net-worth individuals and those in the public domain.

Working in unison with our crisis and emergency consulting divisions, we meticulously assess our client’s security needs, establish and evaluate current and emerging threats, associated risks and vulnerabilities.  We deliver fully tailored and robust security solutions for our clients, their employees, families and infrastructure here in Australia and in overseas high-risk environments.

Complete Crisis Solutions assist organisations who require an understanding of the risks present to their people, operations and assets in the regions and countries relevant to their current (or prospective) operations.

We provide a range of security and safe travel solutions across a range of industries and sectors.

Security Risk Assessments

We provide a variety of security and risk, threat and vulnerability assessments based on the principles of ISO 31000:2009, Risk Management – Principles and Guidelines.

Our sound methodology and approach has been developed to ensure that Threats and Vulnerabilities are identified and understood before strategic decisions are made.

At Complete Crisis Solutions our Risk, Threat and Vulnerability process allows us to calculate the scale of the identified security risks and by providing a quantitative assessment of any environment, enable a prioritised approach to mitigation.

Our core solutions include:
  • Country Risk Assessment Remote
  • Asset or Site Risk Assessments
  • Travel Risk Assessments

Security Management Plans

In today’s current environment security risk management is essential. Espionage, kidnap, extortion and active shooter scenarios are now real concerns for most organisations.  Whilst these threats may be high on security risk registers, they are usually not the only threats organisations face.

We provide tailored solutions to suit your organisational needs and focus on a range of threats including personal security threats and malicious behaviour, operational and logistical hazards, health and medical risks, and political and governance risks.

Our range of services include:
  • Country Security Plans
  • Kidnap and Ransom Plans
  • Site or Asset Security Plans

Travel Risk Management

Complete Crisis Solutions can cover all your Duty of Care and Travel Risk Management requirements, assisting your organisation and its key assets in understanding the actual risks and exposure when travelling in their line of work.

We specialise in strategic planning of any travel, specific threat and risk assessments, itinerary planning and can be extended to include tracking and evacuation response if required.

At Complete Crisis Solutions we provide a variety of services to help clients better manage their personal travel risks, including staff deployed internationally for extended periods of time.

We can provide timely alerts and advisories relevant to your where your people, assets and operations are. Our security experts can design and implement end to end travel management systems, polices and procedures that will help identify and mitigate risks to your people.

Our services include:
  • Travel advisory alerts
  • Design of Travel Risk Management Services (TRMS)
  • Pre-departure briefings
  • Hostile Environment Awareness Training
  • Kidnap and Ransom Training

Security Training

We provide security training based on capacity-building approach to develop core skills ensuring personnel are appropriately trained and prepared to operate within complex or high environments.

Our qualified and experienced trainers are drawn from military, police and emergency services background alongside highly qualified analysists and regional security experts.

We can now offer highly experienced security officers to create or increase the personal security details of high profile or high net worth individual and their associates through out Australia and Asia.

Our Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) is recommended for high risk environments and is recommended for personnel travelling to unstable or hostile environments where risks to personnel are high.

In addition to HEAT we also offer face to face Kidnap and Ransom training for organisations where the threat is real.

Our services include:
  • Investigations
  • Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT)
  • Close Personal Protection
  • Security Case Management and Investigations
  • Logistical Support for Events
  • Security Awareness Programs
  • Active Shooter/assailant training Workshops